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Heritage Apples Special Offer for Heritage Week 18th - 26th August 2018

To celebrate Heritage Week here at Springmount Garden Centre we have a variety of Heritage Apple trees for sale at €19.99 each or 3 for €50! This offer runs from Saturday 18th August to Sunday 26th August 2018.

Apple trees are one of the biggest pleasure givers in the garden not only producing edible fruit to delight but also stunning displays of perfumed blossoms that attract pollinators to the garden. There are a few rules to be aware of when purchasing an apple tree. Some trees are self sterile and cannot pollinate another, thus require to be placed alongside 2 different apple tree varieties - these are called Triploids. (they have three chromosomes rather than the normal two)

Heritage Apples have been growing in Ireland for many years and thus have adapted themselves to our climate and growing conditions. When we choose a heritage apple tree we are helping to contribute to our national biodiversity and agricultural heritage.

We offer a number of unusual and heritage varieties of Apple trees including Ballyfatten, Ballyvaughan, Beauty of Bath (whilst it originated in the UK it is a popular and well proven variety in Ireland), Bloody Butcher, Brown Crofton, Dick-Davies, Gibbons Russet, Irish Peach, Kerry Pippen, Kilkenny Pearmain, Lough Tree of Wexford and Ross Nonpareil along with Pear trees and soft fruits so make sure to pop by and grab a native!

When choosing your apple tree be sure to speak with one of our in-house experts to see which pollinator types you need - e.g. B & C pollinate well together as opposed to A and C which will not pollinate one another at all. There are 4 groups in total: A,B,C & D.

Our staff are delighted to help you choose the perfect heritage apple tree for your garden so call in and speak with us today.

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