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Brighten Up Your Front Door

To coincide with the 'Brighten Your Front Door' Theme from GroMór this July we've put together a few ideas and tips for you to make the most of your abodes' entrance!

Your home is your castle and you want it to look the very best especially during this time of the year when visitors and friends pop by to say hello! One easy and quick way to add colour to your home exterior is with gorgeous hanging baskets tumbling with trailing lobelia, surfinas and petunias. Why not also brighten up your pathway with some fun and playful outdoor lights like our solar powered bunting lights or carnival lanterns?

Consider some formal buxus to greet your guests as they stand side by side saluting their welcome. You could also consider trailing a climbing rose around your front door frame and perhaps even add a scrambling clematis to add a contrast of colour! We also have a great range of garden ornaments to welcome your guests such as our beautifully designed Metal Silhouette Light Heron, Gertie Goose or Bertie Rooster alongwith Garden Stakes, Spinners and much much more. - You'll have to call in to see for yourself ;)

In the meantime check out these top tips from GroMór that include:

  • Water hanging baskets and planted containers, especially during hot spells. They will also benefit from a good feed once a week. They will thank you for showing them some TLC!

  • Why not plant some autumn flowering bulbs such as crocus and begonia. As a gardener you are often working a season ahead!

  • Harvest early potatoes, globe artichokes and onions. Handy tip- pick your vegetables when they are young – if you leave harvest time too long they will become tough.

  • Try and encourage children to spend time in the garden. It gets them fresh air, away from the TV screen and best of all you have an extra pair of hands for those little jobs! Find some fun children’s activities here.

  • Don’t forget your fences, exterior woodwork and slabs! We can sometimes neglect these garden jobs, so stick aside an afternoon and it’s scratched off the list for another few months

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