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Creating a Buzz This May Bank Holiday

As part of this years' GroMór campaign we are focusing on plants and flowers that will attract birds and bees to your garden this May Bank Holiday Weekend.

GroMór have drawn up a guide of common plants to attract birds and bees which consumers can download and bring to their local garden centre us here at Springmount to purchase.

These plants are perfect for attracting birds and bees into your garden and are available here at Springmount Garden Centre, A GroMór Garden Centre.

Pictured below from left to right:

  • Argyranthemum Fruticans - Marguerite Daisy

  • Aubrieta Gracilis Kitte - Kitte Blue

  • Berberis Lologens Mystery Fire - Mystery Fire

  • Campanula ‘Ambella®’ Intense - Star Of Bethleham

  • Campanula addenda® ’Blue Star’ - Star of Bethlehem

  • Daphne odora Aureomarginat - Daphne

  • Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ - Wallflower

  • Erysimum Winter Orchid - Wallflower

  • Hedera hel. Shamrock - Trailing Ivy

  • Lavandula stoechas - Lavender

  • Leriope Muscari Money Maker - Grape Hyacinth

  • Prunus Incisa Koja-No-Ma - Ornamental Cherry

  • Skimmia j. Rubella - Skimmia

  • Skimmia jap. Reevesiana - Skimmia

  • Viburnum Furcatum - Viburnum

We are Open this May Bank Holiday

  • Friday 9am - 6pm

  • Saturday 9am - 6pm

  • Sunday 12 Noon - 6pm

  • Bank Holiday Monday 10am - 6pm

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