• SpringmountGC

Heatwaves, hosepipes and Garden Fun

It's hot. Like REALLY Hot. Hot Hot Hot!

We're based in the sunny south east and luckily can make it to the beach within minutes as can many of our customers and thus we are all making the very most of this sizzling Summer.

Our annual influx of mobile home enthusiasts have been visiting in their throngs snapping up our gorgeous range of Solar lights - coloured lanterns, carnival lights (colour changing patterns for maximum party effect), string bulbs, rope lights, bunting solar lights, lights that look like bluebells and tulips... to decorate their outdoor living space and add a party feel. After all, how often do we get to eat outdoors ( BBQ anyone? - we stock bbqs, charcoal and a variety of accessories) or relax in a comfy swinging chair after a dip in the sea. Perfect occasions to invite friends around for a jolly nice afternoon - beautifully set off with our divine bistro sets and picnic sets, cute tableware and cushions, all located upstairs in our garden centre.

Spare a thought, however, for the poor plants and flowers that cannot up and move to a cooler part of the garden. What with hosepipe bans and searing sunshine our garden lovelies need a smidgen of extra care this July.

Here are a few Stress signs to look out for and a few tips on how best to look after them.

  • You may be tempted to move indoor plants outdoors but should do so for short periods daily until they can acclimatise - even heat loving plants like cacti or succulents that have been indoors till now need to be acclimatised.

  • Shade sensitive indoor or container plants where possible by moving them away from direct sunlight.

  • Water indoor plants slowly to ensure they are soaking up the water, rather than it simply sliding down the inside of the pot and out the bottom.

  • Plants that like high humidity should be frequently misted - pop a saucer of water with some stones under it to help also.

  • It's best not to fertilise plants during a heatwave as they are already in survival mode and introducing something new like this simply adds stress to them.