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How To Grow Potatoes

Part of our heritage week focus on creating a traditional Irish kitchen garden

How to grow and harvest Potatoes

Potatoes are easy to grow and can be harvested for summer or winter depending on the variety chosen and whether you sow them indoors in a polytunnel or outdoors.

Steps involved in growing potatoes:

  1. Choose

  2. Chit

  3. Sow

  4. Earth Up

  5. Harvest

1: Choosing the variety you want

When choosing the variety of potatoe you wish to plant it is good to consider when you wish to harvest. Heritage potatoes are constantly being recorded, for example 26 of the oldest native varieties of Potatoes identified by The Midlands Heritage Potato Group include:

Arran Banner, Arran Victory, Black Champion, Bloomers, Skerry Champion, Catriona, Champion, Di Vernon, Duke of York, Edzell Blue, Epicure, Flourball, Great Scot, Gardenfiller, King Edward, Lumper, Langworthy, May Queen, Shamrock, Sharpe’s Express, Spry’s Abundance, Thome Black, Up-To-Date, Irene, Libertas and Pimpernell.

Seed Potatoes range from Earlies to Mains.


Earlies can be sown from mid March to mid April. Due to the speed at which they mature you can sow a second crop in July.